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Binding is done to provide a polished and professional appearance to your documents that will make a positive impact on the recipients.    The following are the types of binding available:

Spiral – this is done by punching holes in the documents and inserting a plastic coil as the spine.  The spines are usually black or white but many other colors are available.  Spiral binding is usually used for booklets, manuals and presentations and can include an acetate front and vinyl back to provide the polished appearance.  This type of binding lays flat when opened which makes it easy to read, make notes or follow a presentation.

Wire – this is done by punching holes in the documents and inserting a wire spine to securely hold the document together.  This type of binding is more durable and the spines are usually black but can be white, silver, bronze or various other colors.  This binding is used for annual reports, technical manuals, and booklets where a professional appearance and durability is important.

Perfect Binding – this is done by “grinding the spines” and applying glue to the spines to adhere to the covers like a paper back book.   There is conventional glue for perfect binding and there is PUR glue which is a chemical bond that will never pull apart and is great for those demanding publications that are needed to make the best impression.   PUR glue needs additional time for the process because the glue needs to set for 24 hours before handling.   We can bind standard portrait formatted publications and larger landscape formatted publications up to 17” wide by 11” high.

Tape – this is a method of holding together pages using a spine with glue that gets heated and wrapped around the edge of the pages.  The spine is usually white or black and offers and alternative to perfect binding.   This process is used sometimes when you want to bind the pages into a hard cover as long as the pages are 8.5” x 11”.   This process is sometimes required in certain areas of government document submissions.

Saddle Stitching – this is usually the least expensive method of binding but provides a professional appearance.  It is limited to 20 sheets = 80 pages and will tend to have a bulge at the spine the closer you get to the 80 page limit.  It involves printing the sheets in printers spreads, collating and stapling with two staples in the center of the sheets and then trimming the face.   It will lay flat when opened and can be printed with your choice of papers.  This method is used for newsletters, booklets and brochures.  

Velo – this is a process used to bind legal documents.  The pages are punched and a plastic spine with prongs is inserted into the holes on the top of the document.  A matching flat piece with holes on the bottom of the document is married to the spine with prongs and they are melted together and the prongs cut off to the proper length.  This method of binding is durable and does not allow pages to be easily changed without the proper tools.

Three ring binders – this method of binding provides a lot of flexibility because the pages can easily be added, changed or removed.  They can incorporate a cover, a spine, tabs, pockets and sleeves for holding documents.    It is great way to organize documents and subsequently be able to add them to the binders as a class or conference progresses and more documents are collected.    This method is frequently used for educational and training purposes, meeting and conferences and submitting documents to reviewing boards.   The binders are durable and can also come in colors and different materials or be customized to stand and make a flip book presentation.   

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