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Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Direct Mail is a good way to communicate with your customers on a one to one basis with a targeted audience.  Direct Mail is a good way to increase the understanding of your business with your customers and how you can provide solutions to their problems.  There are ways to increase your success rate with direct mail such as using colored or clear envelopes and variable data for personalization, using qualified mailing lists and designing the piece to meet postal regulations and reduce postage costs.  You can also select specific zip codes and compare the performance to two different approaches to a mailing i.e. Every Door Direct and personalized.

The better the design and a clearly connected “Call to Action” the better the success rate.

You can even add tracking to your direct mailing campaign so that you can measure the number of pieces actually received.

Let us help you achieve your marketing objectives with a well defined direct mail campaign.  Please call or email us with questions on how we help contribute to your success or contact us through our web site to request a quote or place an order.


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