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Invitation Printing

Invitation Printing

Invitations mark an important event whether that is a major business event, a wedding, or social event such as a birthday or anniversary.  An invitation should have the following components:

An introduction that describes the host and the purpose of the event.

The body of the invitation provides all of the information about the event including the location, date and time, an RSVP date and possibly special instructions about attire or things requested to be brought by guests.

An indication of appreciation for the guest to attend the party. 

The conclusion should contain a closing that joins the invitation together with a saluation and a signature.

Invitations should be sized to correspond to envelope sizes so that they can be mailed.  The size of the invitation should be ½” less than the size of the envelope so that it can inserted easily.  Typical sizes are A2, A6, A7, A8, A9 and A10.  Invitations are usually printed on high quality paper which we can help you select so that you can also incorporate matching envelopes.  Invitations can also be printed using raised ink for your formal occasions.  Always proof read the text to make sure that the spelling and grammar are correct.

We know that invitations are truly personal items.  Please call or email us to help design, format, choose fonts and print your custom, high quality invitations to help make your event a success or contact us through our web site to request a quote or place an order.


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