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Give your trade show, conference, exhibit, sporting event, forum, or symposium the professional look it deserves with high-quality program printing. A well-designed program increases interest, provides valuable information, and makes a great souvenir...keeping your message in the eyes of potential customers for years to come.

Programs are used to provide event details or an order of occurrence of multiple activities.  They are usually multiple pages, fold in half and are bound with two staples in the center or can be drilled and bound with ribbon.  The cover is usually a card stock printed in color and the text can either be color or black & white.  The paper can be coated or uncoated depending upon the amount of color graphics versus text.  The coated papers bring out the colors but because of their light reflection can make text hard to read which is where uncoated papers are best suited They can also be multiple sizes such as full page or half page or over size.

They should be designed as individual pages and saved as a pdf document so they can be impositioned for printing.  They can printed in one color to full color and can incorporate foil stamping, embossing, coatings or die cutting.  The layout and format of programs can be challenging which is a process we can help you solve. 

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